What’s Important To Me?

Core & Essential Services

(Policing and fire, transit, infrastructure & neighbourhood renewal, drainage, snow removal, garbage collection…)

These vital services are the foundation of a great city, and will always be a focus of mine. As your councillor, I am committed to ensuring these services are delivered well, and to your expectations.

Economic Development

I firmly believe that strong economic policy supports good social policy. As your Councillor, I will continue to advocate for the development of Horse Hill and the Industrial Heartland, to create jobs, grow our non-residential tax base, and lessen our reliance on residents to fund the services we need.

Quality of Life

I am proud to live in Ward 4, and as your Councillor, I am committed to improving your quality of life. By providing better access to neighbourhood amenities, recreation centres, libraries, parks, dining, shopping and entertainment destinations, we can create stronger, healthier, more vibrant communities.

Your Opinion Matters

Your opinions and suggestions matter.  If you have not yet completed my survey, I’d be grateful if you’d quickly fill it out.  It’s very quick and anonymous. Take the survey.

If you would like to meet or discuss your ideas on the phone please complete our contact form and we will make arrangements.

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