Edmonton Ward 4

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Edmonton Ward 4 Voting Stations

Subject To Change – Please check the civic election website to confirm.

Voting Station: 04-01

Kingsway Legion Branch 175
14339 50 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Anthony Henday Energy Park, Brintnell, Cy Becker, Edmonton Energy And Technology Park

Voting Station: 04-02

Evergreen Community Centre
31 Evergreen Park NW
Neighbourhoods: Anthony Henday Clareview, Anthony Henday Energy Park, Anthony Henday Horse Hill, Clover Bar Area, Edmonton Energy And Technology Park, Evergreen, Gorman, River Valley Hermitage, Rural North East Horse Hill, Rural North East South Sturgeon

Voting Station: 04-03

Edmonton Christian Northeast School
5940 159 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Anthony Henday Energy Park, Anthony Henday Lake District, Matt Berry, McConachie Area

Voting Station: 04-04

Dr Donald Massey School
5435 162 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Hollick-Kenyon

Voting Station: 04-05

McLeod Community League
14715 59 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: McLeod

Voting Station: 04-06

North Edmonton Alliance Church
5108 McLeod Road NW
Neighbourhoods: Casselman, Miller

Voting Station: 04-07

York School
13915 61 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: York

Voting Station: 04-08

St. Bonaventure School
3004 139 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Clareview Town Centre, Ebbers, Hairsine

Voting Station: 04-09

Kirkness School 610 Kirkness Road NW
Neighbourhoods: Kirkness

Voting Station: 04-10

Fraser School 14904 21 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Fraser

Voting Station: 04-11

Bannerman School 14112
23 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Bannerman, River Valley Hermitage

Voting Station: 04-12

Belvedere Community League
13223 62 Street NW
Neighbourhoods: Belvedere

Voting Station: 04-13

Homesteader School
4455 128 Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Homesteader, Kennedale Industrial, River Valley Hermitage, Sifton Park

Voting Station: 04-14

Belmont School 3310
132A Avenue NW
Neighbourhoods: Belmont, River Valley Hermitage

Voting Station: 04-15

Anne Fitzgerald School
699 Clareview Road NW
Neighbourhoods: Kernohan, River Valley Hermitage

Voting Station: 04-16

Overlanders School
1150 Hermitage Road NW
Neighbourhoods: Canon Ridge, Overlanders, River Valley Hermitage